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Create a Nutrition Plan
in just a few clicks
Prepare for whatever the season brings with Atfarm’s Nutrition Plan. 

What can Atfarm’s Nutrition Planner do for you?

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Easy to understand overview

Easy to understand overview of nutrient needs for the entire season and each growth stage.

Detailed information

View detailed information on crop nutrient demand and fertiliser supply to reach your target yield.

Free plans

Create unlimited plans for FREE!

Atfarm’s Nutrition Planner goes beyond traditional methods
in 3 important ways:


Growth cycle nutrition summary

Spot gaps in your Nutrition Plan immediately. Compare total nutrient demand to the nutrient supply from your soil and organic and mineral fertilisers.


Growth stage nutrition overview

See what to expect this season. Atfarm automatically calculates necessary nutrient splits per crop and per field. All Atfarm needs to do this is your field data.


Adaptable product planning

Quickly adapt and edit the products in your plan to match your knowledge and experience.

You’re just a few clicks away from detailed crop nutrition insights

Atfarm’s Nutrition Planning is free to use

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