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Turn your smartphone into a variable rate
spreader with GPS technology

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How does Drive Mode work for Variable N-Rate Application?

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Atfarm’s Drive Mode allows you to get the benefits of Variable N-Rate Application with the spreader you already have.

GPS technology helps the app guide either your tractor speed or fertiliser flow rate to apply nitrogen with precision across your field.

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Variable speed

Best for: Single-rate spreaders

How it works: Set your spreader’s flow rate in the Atfarm app and as you move across your field, you are guided how slow or fast to drive.

Your speed adjusts how much fertiliser lands in each area of the field (slower spreads more fertiliser, faster spreads less). 

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Variable flow rate

Best for: Spreaders with manual flow rate controls

How it works: As you drive across your field, the Atfarm app guides you when to change the flow rate of your spreader according to the Variable N-Rate Application map you are using.

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