Start using your N-Tester BT in 8 steps

Make your cereal crop even more profitable by perfecting your nitrogen rates with the N-Tester BT. 

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Nitrogen rate recommendations

Get specific nitrogen rate recommendations based on the true nitrogen uptake of your crop and experience the benefits for yourself:

  • Improved yield
  • Better grain quality
  • Higher grain protein
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What do N-Tester BT users have to say? 

I decided to put my faith in N-Tester and only overruled it on a very few occasions, and I have to say it has done everything it promised it would. It hasn’t stolen any yield, and when I had the grain tested, I was pleased with the results. It got it bang on!

When fertilising this year, I’ve used 180kg nitrogen per hectare as opposed to 220kg, having followed the N-Tester’s advice.

George, Farmer in the UK

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The N-Tester BT is currently individually calibrated for most cereals: 

Winter wheat
Winter barley
Spring barley
Winter rye 
Winter Triticale
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How do I get a nitrogen rate recommendation with my N-Tester BT? 

To get your nitrogen rate recommendation, follow these 8 steps. Make sure to enable Bluetooth TM on your smartphone before you start.

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Turn your N-Tester BT on by holding the On/Off button until the LED on top turns blue.


Open the Atfarm app and select your farm and field.


Scroll down to the N-Tester section and tap Start measurement.


Add your crop and growth stage information.


The app will now check the connection between your smartphone and N-Tester BT. This may take a few seconds.


Tap Start measuring.


Calibrate your N-Tester by holding down the head of the device and taking an empty reading.


Measure the youngest leaves on at least 30 plants across your field.


Take measurements while walking across your field in a zigzag pattern. This helps you get readings from crops growing in all the different soil qualities on your field.


Tap Get the N-Tester value.

How do I understand my N-Tester BT recommendation? 

Your nitrogen rate recommendation is shown in kg of nitrogen to apply per hectare of your field. 

Log in to Atfarm

Check your input

Tapping Show more insights gives you all the basic information that you provided that Atfarm used to calculate your N-Tester BT nitrogen rate recommendation.

This makes it easy to spot any typos or errors that could affect your recommendation.

See raw data 

Tapping the Get N-Tester values tab shows you the precise N-uptake rates that Atfarm used to calculate this recommendation. 

History of all recommendations 

Every N-Tester BT recommendation you do is recorded in the Atfarm app. Find them listed under the N-Tester tab on your field’s page.  

When should I use my N-Tester BT: 

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Tillering - 1st application
Stem elongation - 2nd application
Flag leaf development - 3rd application
Spike development - Protein dressing

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