Do variable rate N-fertilisation with your smartphone or terminal

Use Atfarm to do variable rate fertilisation no matter what equipment you have. Monitor your crops growth on-the-go with the mobile app.

Transform your smartphone into a spreader terminal.

No matter what type of equipment you have you can use Atfarm to fertilise variably.

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Your smart phone as terminal

Use the GPS of your phone to do VRA. Easy, from your tractor without a terminal.

Biomass maps in your phone

The App allows you to monitor crop growth from your phone. No matter where you're.

Georeferenced Information

Including references, notes and pictures makes the work in fieds much easier. Keep everything in your hands.

“Atfarm allows you to adjust your fertilisation strategy for different applications, for example adding extra nitrogen where needed. This will help you meet quality expectations and achieve a more homogeneous crop harvest.”
Carl-Philipp Federolf
PhD Student in Crop Nutrition

Advantages of variable-rate fertilization

Yield increase
with VRA
N savings
with VRA
Improved N balance
with VRA

Look at Julián's story with Atfarm

"One of the key differentials of Atfarm is that it utilises the N-Sensor Algorithm that better captures the field variability we find on the fields. That allows us to be more precise at the moment of the dressing."

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