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Reach your goals by focusing your nutrition strategy on the real needs of your crops.

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Farmers and agronomists already use Atfarm to optimise their yield every season.

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Atfarm’s digital tools help you optimise your season at every step.

How can Atfarm help optimise your fertiliser strategy?


Create a holistic Nutrition Plan

Start every season with Nutrition Planning that gives you more than just calculations. Get the nutrition insights you need to reach your yield goals. 

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Measure N-demand

Analyse your crop throughout the season with accurate nitrogen uptake values captured by N-Photo analysis and the N-Tester BT device.


Optimise nitrogen use efficiency

Improve crop growth and evenness by utilising the in-field measurements for variable nitrogen applications.


Track crop growth

Use Atfarm to measure biomass on your fields throughout the season. Satellite technology and Yara’s extensive agronomic expertise keep you informed on the progress of your crops.

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Take more control of your fertilization strategy. Atfarm is an easy-to-use digital platform that helps you make more informed decisions, improving farm productivity.

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