Optimise nitrogen placement and increase yield

Get precise insights about your farm sent straight to your device.

Boost your nitrogen program

Raise productivity on your fields with Atfarm.

Monitor crops with your computer or smartphone and see years of growth variability across your fields. Create a robust management plan with deeper insights about your farm.

How it works

Apply N in the right zones at the right time. Increase yield and reduce losses with more targeted fertiliser application.

How it works

Your crops need you, wherever you are

Crop monitoring, simplified

Track crop growth using remote sensing technology. View satellite images using NDVI or N-Sensor indices and compare growth during or between seasons.

Monitor on the go

Monitor crops from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Track growth and find deficiencies without waiting for your next field visit. The Atfarm app is free to download for iOS and Android.

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Apply N where it matters

Precision fertiliser made easy

Create variable-rate application maps in one minute and edit them based on your strategy. Export maps to any spreader terminal or turn your device into one with the easy-to-use mobile app.

Optimise crop growth

Apply N variably and optimise N use efficiency, even in NVZ areas. Export, print, and store application maps as auditing documentation and stay organised.

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Higher yield through optimised N use

You are one step away from precision agriculture.

Add precision to your fertilisation – it’s free to sign up

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