Precision fertilisation made easy

Atfarm gives you instant access to satellite images of your fields, enabling you to optimise N and fertilise efficiently.

Boost crop yield and quality

Atfarm enables you to fertilise more precisely, which improves homogeneity and reduces lodging.

Get set up in no time

Instantly access top tech and upload all your fields directly into Atfarm in minutes.

Use European Space Agency satellites

Accurate data allow you to save by fertilising precisely where it's needed.

"Atfarm allows you to optimise nitrogen fertilisation by checking the green growth indicator of your field even in late growth stages thanks to N-Sensor nitrogen sensor technology".

Carl P. Federolff - Atfarm Agronomist


images taken at five-day intervals


image resolution


types of satellite views

“Thanks to Atfarm, I can use my equipment for variable fertilisation, and have access to fertilisation maps on my computer”.

John M.

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