Precision fertilisation made simple

Optimise the amount of fertiliser your crops need with the aid of satellite images

Increase yields thanks to variable-rate technology

Atfarm software is very easy to use

Use variable-rate fertilisation technology

If you fertilise in variable doses, you can create fertilisation maps to decide how to distribute fertiliser

Use satellite images to see NDVI and N-Sensor biomass maps

Periodically monitor your crops without drones

"Atfarm allows you to optimise nitrogen fertilisation by checking the green growth indicator of your field even in late growth stages thanks to N-Sensor nitrogen sensor technology".

Carl P. Federolff – Atfarm Agronomist


images taken at five-day intervals


image resolution


types of satellite views

“Thanks to Atfarm, I can use my equipment for variable fertilisation and have access to fertilisation maps on my computer”.

John M.

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