Impact of current N fertiliser prices on N-rate and yield

Fertiliser prices have increased at a rapid rate since October 2021.

This unpredictable and extreme shift in the prices is beyond the normal tolerance that we have built into our Nitrogen recommendations.

What does this mean for you?

The current high prices of fertilisers (£500-600/t) will impact Atfarm’s Nutrition Plan and N-Tester BT recommendations as they are calibrated for fertiliser prices of £200-300/t.

How to achieve the economic optimum N rate

As an example, if you've bought N-fertilisers at a high price of over £500/t, consider applying 30-40kgN/ha LESS on 9t/ha winter wheat crop to achieve the economic optimum N rate.  

TIP: After generating recommendations in Atfarm, pay attention to the recommendation and consider applying lesser N if your fertiliser costs have been high.

How can you offset yield losses?

Faced with record high prices, we know that lower N rates will result in lower yields.


Increase NuE, Increase yield

Using Atfarm’s precision farming power, apply the right amount of fertilisers in the right place. Efficient Nitrogen management is key, and even more so when fertiliser prices are increasing rapidly.


Balanced nutrition to counter extreme conditions

Use Atfarm’s detailed overview of fertiliser supply and demand as well as sulphur and foliar nutrient applications to minimise yield losses as much as possible.  

(Our YaraBela Axan / YaraBela Sulphan, and YaraVita ranges are there for you!)